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Financial Peace of Mind Newsletter, vol 1.

The February 2012 Financial Peace of Mind Newsletter features articles from the Cassady Schiller manufacturing and tax teams. John Eberhart discusses the benefits of warehouse management solutions, while Brian Stautberg reminds businesses what records they will need to retain to substantiate travel and entertainment expenses. David Cassady also introduces the Emerging & Established Wealth group.

Cassady Schiller Celebrates New CPA

CINCINNATI, OHIO – February 8, 2012 – Cassady Schiller, a CPA and Advisor firm located in Blue Ash, announced the designation of a new Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  The firm recently honored this professional at Firehouse Grill.

Having just passed the CPA exam, Craig Vonderhaar is Cassady Schiller’s newest CPA.  An associate with Cassady Schiller,…

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Emerging & Established Wealth Video

At Cassady Schiller, we help our clients plan for the growth, preservation, and utilization of their wealth with a personalized team of experienced and qualified professionals. Every client relationship starts with an in-depth exploration of your family values and individual financial goals. We work hard to understand what is truly important to you. Then, our…

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Cassady Schiller Announces Three New Hires

January 25, 2012
For Immediate Release

Cassady Schiller Announces Three New Hires

CINCINNATI, OHIO – January 25, 2012 – Cassady Schiller, a CPA and Advisor firm located in Blue Ash, has recently hired three new employees. In order to increase capacity to serve a growing client base, the firm has hired one…

Ohio Charitable Registration

Due to recent statutory and rule changes, effective for all fiscal years ending November 30, 2011 or later, the State of Ohio has mandated electronic filing of the Not-for-Profit charitable registration forms.  The State of Ohio has published a document containing all of the information and steps needed to register online.  Please review this document…

Cassady Schiller Firm Video

We are a Cincinnati CPA & advisory firm dedicated to building relationships that bring value.

At Cassady Schiller, we’re committed to being your trusted financial advisor through responsive, personal service. We are dedicated to building a relationship with you that instills confidence and security. Our approach is best described as people first, relationships being the…