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Career Development

Whether you are a first year staffer or a seasoned veteran of public accounting, your continued growth and progress is something Cassady Schiller takes very seriously.

Every firm has an individual culture. That culture is defined by its leadership, goals, values and beliefs. At Cassady Schiller, we believe there are really only three things that we have of value: our people, our clients and our integrity. If any one of these elements is neglected then the entire firm suffers. The success of any business is dependent upon the strength of all three of these elements and their ability to work in concert.

As such, the ongoing professional and personal development of each of our team members has always been a top priority for the firm. There are several different avenues we use to help our people grow.

  • Graduate Degree Tuition Reimbursement
  • CPA Exam Financial Assistance
  • Outside Training & Opportunities – including 40+ hours of CPE per year, countless seminar opportunities, national and international conference group memberships, and any training you can imagine to support our team members in their pursuit of various specialties and new areas of development (including CFP, PFS, CVA, ABV, CFE certifications)
  • In-house Training & Guidance – including a mentoring program, one-on-one coaching, group assignments, bi-weekly CPE, and team-building events

Unlike most firms, Cassady Schiller’s first year people are given training and experience in both Audit & Accounting and Tax. We believe that the exposure to both sides of the industry is critical to the ultimate success of the individual. Therefore, our new associates are trained in both disciplines before selecting a career focus.

There are literally endless opportunities for an employee to grow and develop at Cassady Schiller.