Cassady Schiller has an incomparable culture. Our people are exceptional. We take pride in our ability to attract and retain talented professionals. We have an open-door team environment where beginning staff members work side-by-side with partners. We believe in fostering each individual’s development and promoting a culture of respect and camaraderie. Throughout our growth, we have never lost sight of what is important.

We pay close attention to our relationships, striving to assist our clients in reaching their untapped potential. Our assets are our clients and our people, and nothing is more important to us than assisting both in achieving their personal and financial goals.

Hear from our employees

“Cassady Schiller’s environment is incredibly supportive of the associates and their aspirations. That support and their commitment to work-life balance, is the reason everyone around here is always smiling.”
-Jake Worley, Senior Associate

“It’s rare to find an accounting firm where you can honestly say, ‘I work with…’ instead of ‘I work for…’ Cassady Schiller is that type of firm.”
-Thomas Mazza, Associate

“Having worked in Big 4 Public Accounting and Corporate Accounting, Cassady Schiller blends the best of both worlds by having a fast-paced, young and challenging work environment while having a familial culture that truly practices work-life balance and values its employees and their personal development.”
-Brien Dulle, Manager

“Cassady Schiller focuses the same amount of effort on growth of its people as it does on the business.  The company is continuously looking for ways to groom its people into the leading advisors in our community. “
-Bryan Setz, Manager