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December 18 , 2018 | Posted by Mike Clark |

Importance of Life Insurance Reviews

Life Change Reviews

An extremely important component of owning a life insurance policy is periodically reviewing the coverage to make sure it is addressing your current needs.  All too often, people’s lives change while their life insurance coverage remains the same — periodic reviews will ensure that your coverage is meeting your current goals.


August 14 , 2018 | Posted by Whitney Hurtt |

Should You Revisit Your Estate Plan?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) increased the exemption amount for the individual estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax exemptions to almost $11.2 million (double this for married couples). To put it more simply, individuals can pass assets to heirs up to $11.2 million during their lifetime or at death without triggering any…

March 21 , 2018 | Posted by Marc Wambaugh |

Should You Establish a Donor-Advised Fund?

Many taxpayers around the country have given to charity for years and the tax deduction associated with those donations was an added bonus.  However, with the sweeping new tax law changes that took effect in January 2018, some taxpayers may no longer receive a tax benefit for donations.  The new standard deduction is $24,000 for…

August 12 , 2015 | Posted by John Eberhart |

IRS assault on valuation discounts for FLPs looming

In recent months, one persistent rumor has circulated in the blogosphere dedicated to estate and gift tax issues. It’s that the IRS is about to eliminate or at least limit the application of discounts related to family limited partnerships and similar structures. Also, a recent article in The New York Times discusses the impending…

February 24 , 2015 | Posted by Gail Waham |

Is Your Identity Secure?

Following the recent Anthem data breach, identity theft and online security are front of mind for many of our clients. Identity theft is becoming more and more prevalent and the consequences can be severe. Next week, March 1 through 7, is National Consumer Protection Week, and provides a great opportunity to get educated about how you…

February 13 , 2015 | Posted by Heather Bucher |

Ohio Department of Taxation Launches Identity Confirmation Quiz

With income tax fraud and identity theft on the rise, the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) has begun a new initiative committed to safeguarding taxpayer dollars by increasing security measures. Ohio’s new Identity Confirmation Quiz is just one of the tools the ODT is using to prevent fraudsters from receiving a refund as a result…

November 20 , 2014 | Posted by John Eberhart |

Discount for Lack of Marketability Bounces Back

One week after a New York trial court issued a contentious ruling that KO’d Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) in Zelouf, a different court pronounced on the issue in another pot-stirring fair value proceeding that featured an “extremely successful company,” extremely contentious business partners, and extremely well-known valuators.

The successful company is…

July 25 , 2014 | Posted by Brian Stautberg |

Ohio Passes Budget Providing Additional Tax Relief

In late June, Governor Kasich approved House Bill 483 that includes additional tax reductions to build on tax cuts already enacted in previous years. These cuts, emerging from the governor’s Mid-Biennium Review, were possible because of Ohio’s improving economy which is generating stronger than expected state revenue. Those revenues, along with greater efficiencies enacted to…