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Letter from the Managing Partner



May 1 , 2014 | Posted by David Cassady |

Letter from the Managing Partner

Cassady-updated-titleDear Friends and Clients,

As our team here at Cassady Schiller emerges from our busiest time of the year, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your trust, friendship and confidence. As we approach the summer, I am reminded of what a luxury it is for us to have clients to serve. For our clients, having your trust placed in our firm is a humbling and satisfying experience. We greatly value the confidence that you have placed in us and appreciate the opportunity to work alongside you as you work toward your goals. We take our responsibility to serve you seriously and we are committed to finding new ways to bring you value, strengthen our relationship and help you prosper.

While most CPAs and advisors speak of the spring tax season as a “busy” time, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our plans for future growth at Cassady Schiller. The loyalty and success of our clients has allowed us to be busy and provided us with many opportunities. We intend to capitalize on our opportunities by continuing to reinvest in our people and our firm in order to better serve each of you. Along with our commitment to growing our services and expertise, we are also committed to growing our client base in order to provide opportunities for our dedicated team. We are a growing firm, and are always looking for like-minded businesses and individuals to serve. If you find value in our work and our relationship, please think of us when you have the opportunity to refer friends, family or colleagues. Your endorsement in the form of referrals is the highest form of compliment we can receive, and we will work to ensure that each new client is cared for with focus and attention that you have come to expect from Cassady Schiller.

For those of you who are not clients, we appreciate the relationship that we are developing with you as well, and would love the opportunity to serve you in the future. Tax season can be a stressful time – a time when business owners and individuals receive negative surprises in the form of unexpected tax bills. If you feel like you could be getting more from your advisor, you just might be right. The only way you can ensure compliance while also minimizing your overall tax liability is by taking a proactive approach to tax planning with a qualified and attentive advisor. If you feel like your approach to tax planning fell short in the last year, we would be happy to take a fresh look at your return or sit down with you to discuss planning for 2014. You deserve to be a priority, and we would welcome the opportunity to make your financial peace of mind our responsibility.

As we move toward the summer, I want to assure each client that our focus remains firmly set on helping you grow your business, take care of your family, and achieve your goals. Our priorities are our people, our clients and our integrity, and we approach every relationship and every decision with those priorities in mind. Thank you again for providing us with the privilege of serving you. It is an honor to count you amongst our clients and friends. Thank you for your support. We look forward to contributing to your continued success.

Warmest Regards,
David Cassady
Managing Partner, Cassady Schiller