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Ohio Department of Taxation Launches Identity Confirmation Quiz



February 13 , 2015 | Posted by Heather Bucher |

Ohio Department of Taxation Launches Identity Confirmation Quiz

With income tax fraud and identity theft on the rise, the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) has begun a new initiative committed to safeguarding taxpayer dollars by increasing security measures. Ohio’s new Identity Confirmation Quiz is just one of the tools the ODT is using to prevent fraudsters from receiving a refund as a result of identity theft. Taxpayers who are selected to take an identity quiz will receive an identity confirmation letter (see attached sample) asking them to complete the quiz within 60 days. If you received the quiz, you must take and pass in order for your return to be processed.

  • The quiz consists of 4 multiple choice questions.
  • The quiz is timed, allowing only a few minutes to be completed.
  • The quiz can be taken online on ODT’s website.
  • Once the quiz is complete, the taxpayer will know immediately whether or not they passed or failed. You must get 3 out of the 4 questions correct to pass.
  • If a taxpayer passed, processing of the tax return continues.
  • If a taxpayer fails, they may have the opportunity to take a second quiz. If passed the second time, processing of the tax return will continue.
  • If a taxpayer fails twice, they must mail documentation to ODT proving their identity.

Be advised that if you receive a request from Ohio to take the quiz and have not yet filed your return, this could be an indication that your identity may have been compromised.

If you have any questions regarding this new initiative, please feel free to contact our office.