Gifting of Family Business to the Next Generation

Many business owners contemplate a succession plan to transfer the business to their children but are unsure of how to achieve this or the potential tax consequences of doing so. Have you given this any thought? Now is the time! With proper planning, gifting shares of the business to children can help reduce future estate…

What is Enterprise Value?

Enterprise value is the theoretical price an acquirer might pay for another firm. In essence, “step into the current owner’s shoes”.
Think of Enterprise Value as the potential takeover price. In the event of a buyout, an acquirer would take on the company’s debt, but would pocket its cash.

A simpler calculation for enterprise…

Discount for Lack of Marketability

Valuation discounts are attractive because they allow for reductions in value that can be useful for a variety of purposes, including estate and gift planning. The discounts applicability and magnitude must be grounded in a careful analysis of the facts and circumstances of each case.

One such discount is the discount for lack of marketability…