Financial Peace of Mind Newsletter, Vol. 2

The March 2012 Financial Peace of Mind Newsletter features articles from the Cassady Schiller Emerging & Established Wealth and Tax teams. David Cassady discusses the temporary opportunities to transfer wealth tax-free provided by Lifetime Gift Exemption. while Mike Hawkins reminds businesses of the vast opportunities presented by local, state, and federal tax incentives. Jeff Stautberg…

President’s Budget Proposal Provides Insight

Last week President Obama introduced his fiscal year 2013 budget proposal.  While this budget is unlikely to pass in its current form, the proposals give insight into what some government officials are considering for future tax policy.

We have reviewed the President’s proposal and put together a brief summary of some key areas that could…

Three Percent Withholding and Job Creation Act

President Obama Signs Act Eliminating Three Percent Withholding Requirement and Enhancing Incentives for Hiring Veterans

On November 21, 2011, President Obama signed the Three Percent Withholding and Job Creation Act (Act) into law. The law repeals a requirement that 3 percent of payments be withheld by federal or state governments to any person for services…