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Brand Design, Advertising & Marketing

Our services for brand design, advertising and marketing firms are designed to meet the distinct needs your unique business faces. Whether you are trying to select the right plan for the growth of your agency, considering long term succession, or trying to find a new CFO; we have the experience to provide solutions that meet your needs.

Our clients

In the Brand Design, Advertising, and Marketing niche are agencies ranging in annual revenues from less than $5 million to greater than $50 million. These agencies provide a wide range of services for commercial customers; including creative ad development, media buying, direct marketing, public relations, corporate communications, event marketing, marketing consulting, and brand identify development and management. While the large agencies provide a full range of services, smaller ones often specialize in market or product niches.

Characteristics of this industry

  • Focus on recruiting and retaining talented staff
  • The need to manage cash flow, accounts receivable and payables
  • The emergence of international markets
  • Maintaining long-term client relationships
  • Adherence to industry standards set by the regulations or other parties
  • Offering clients fully integrated services
  • The proliferation of media outlets enabling targeted advertising

Concerns facing this industry

  • Staying on the cutting edge of technology
  • Automating technology and tools
  • Create competitive advantages by adapting to and instigating change
  • Utilizing a wide variety of outlets to reach consumers, including digital media
  • Accelerating project cycles
  • Implementing and managing international growth
Whatever your challenge or opportunity, the professionals at Cassady Schiller are ready to help – providing innovative ideas born from experience and commitment to the success of our clients. Call us today to discuss adding Cassady Schiller as a valued partner in your success.